Friday, January 18, 2008

Long Night

It's a cold and dreary night here in Austin. I worked all day long with my two different jobs and both of them were dreadfully slow. I ask, who wants to buy a Charlie's Angel's speed boat when skiing in Aspen is closer to the horizon?
But a friend's band was playing this evening and so, having missed the first gig, I made an effort to catch the second (Tyler with Hollywood Gossip). They were really good. I was impressed. I love watching friends do things that they're passionate about. I even stuck around, shot the shit, and watched two other bands.
Then when I went to go home, cook a bit of dinner, watch a little online TV, and go to bed, my car was simply not there. Damn Austin City Cops had towed my car. Never mind that it was way down south or that it was bloody cold. I can see why people in general have no sympathy for cops. I don't even understand the "saving ourselves from ourselves" part...they certainly don't do any good with solving crimes on Veronica Mars.
To add insult to injury, to rub salt into the wound, the damn car was $200 dollars just to get back! $200!

I can't believe this shit.

(Picture above: Julien Pacaud. "Hell's Angel's"

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