This is me.  I'm almost 30; I've been saying that for the last two years, but this year it's actually true.  And it seems to have taken me all of those almost-30 years to figure out what to do with myself.  I studied Art History back in college and had dreams of becoming a stiletto-and-pencil-skirt-wearing gallery big-wig.  But as quickly as I graduated from college, I left that dream behind because I realized how much more schooling I would need before that stiletto action would happen.

Shortly thereafter I moved to Austin, Texas and after many fabulous jobs (Waterloo Records!) I've decided to pursue design full time.  What that really means is that all that time I spent making things for myself to wear, now I just make two of them-one for me and one to sell.  

On another note, here are some things that I love immensely:
  1. Eyeglasses.  I adore eyewear to no end.  It's the sort of thing that I don't often bring up in polite dinner conversation because I have found that it doesn't really incite the type of witty banter that people appreciate at dinner parties.  Instead, I'll whip out an interesting "did you know..." fact that I heard on that week's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me; brilliant show.  Anyhow, eyeglasses.  It's an accessory that most people will have to wear at least once in their lives; and so many wear rimless frames in an effort to pretend that the rest of us don't see their eyeglasses.  But it's inevitable, we notice.  The Vision Council says that 54% of individuals notice a person's glasses upon first meeting and 73% say that a person's eyeglasses reflect their personality; so might as well have fun with your frames I say.  
  2.  Travel.  There are very few things that would stop me from jumping on a plane if someone handed me a free ticket to a place of my choosing.  There are such cool places to see!  I adore Mrs. French's Pintrest board for inspiring places I need to go before I die.  I think Morocco is next on that list.  We could stay at the lovely Peacock Pavilion and go to the International Nomad Festival.   
 Photo via Honestly WTF

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