Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rococo Mod

I would love to have a huge ornate mirror in my living room one day. Gaudy mixed with an austere air. Is that possibly? I wonder what that would look like. Maybe it would look like the picture above.

If I were going to do this bedroom, I would have the be the most decadent thing ever. It would be so fluffy and luxurious! And maybe I'm just now paying attention, but it seems like everything is so white! Where's my color? this. I really like the interiors pictures above (from Liza Giles' London home in the Oct 07 issue of Elle Decoration--care of Oh Joy!). I'm finding that I'm constantly drawn to things that are very rococo gaudy (ie. super ornate). I think it works better if the ornate pieces are neutral and then the more modern accents are full of color. Like in some of the photos above.

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