Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watching my back

Lately I've been getting fussed at through my job. Ok, it was one time from my timeshare marketing gig. Apparently I am not doing as well as they would like and thus, the fussing.

This is an example of a typical exchange at marketing...
"Hi, how's it going? Would you like to sign up for a $100 grocery gift card? We're doing a drawing at the end of the month....and I can tell you how to get a free vacation to Las Vegas with airfare included if you like....No? Ok, well have a good day!" And along they go.

I must learn to be more energetic/coaxing while I am there.

So today I have spent the morning reading this marketing guru's blog and trying to pick up a couple of things before I go to work later today. I totally think that this is something I should learn how to's just really slow going at the moment.

And I totally hate getting fussed at through work.

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