Saturday, August 2, 2008

Art On Buildings

Mural right down the street from my house. On the side of a independent graphic design studios.

Mural in London I liked. Shoreditch.

I'm a huge fan of art on buildings, of graffiti on buildings, of buildings just being buildings. I think that the argument that "stations and trains covered in graffiti make users of the railway think that the vandals are in control, not railway management or the police" is a bit extremist. But for some people I suppose that statement above is completely in line with the way they feel..."Graffiti is often the first element in a spiral of decline."

I first got interested in graffiti after reading Aerosol Kingdom in an art history class in college. I really liked the concept that it was the big democratic movement that grew out of a racially divided NYC; that if you could 'write' and were adventurous enough to break into rail-yards at night, then you were cool regardless of your ethnicity. There were all these Hispanic/Black, Jewish/White groups of kids running around painting, dancing, making music. I found out about one of my favorite writers that later became a well-known gallery artist, Doze Green, through this book.

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