Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Succeed Like Elton John

Charles K. Harris was considered the original "King of the Tear Jerkers" with having written over 300 songs around the turn of the 20th century. While his main subject was love and longing, he knew the benefits of agressive advertising in order to be the main song and dance man. He "personally paid to have 'After the Ball' inserted into the show A Trip to Chinatown. And in a booklet called How To Write A Popular Song, he advised his readers to "look at newspapers for your story-line," to "acquaint yourself with the style in vogue," and to "know the copywrite laws.""

I got these shoes the other day from Urban Outfitters. I'm not one that screams "Diamonds are a girl's best friend--only if they're set in gold!" I myself, prefer silver. But for some reason these shoes and I have bonded and I dig 'em. May I introduce you to my new friends, the Eltons!

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