Monday, May 12, 2008

Neighborhood Art

I borrowed a friend's bike since mine got stolen...but I kind of let it happen. Left it downtown for a couple days and bam, one day it was gone. And man, I totally miss my old bike; a Trek, lots of gears right at my handlebar fingertips, breaks that work. Bliss I tell you. Bliss. Riding a bike makes scoping out ones neighborhood so much easier and since people are happy just to zoom around you, you can can so slow and it's great. I am a big fan of this bus stop. Or really the art on the building right behind this bus stop. They just finished this cool mural, but come to think of it, I never really saw it in process. I just was driving by one day and it was there. Shows just how much I zone out on my way home from work.

This guy's face is everywhere. Andre the Giant shall never die!

This is on the front of the building, right behind the bench in the first photo. I like how posters are continually pasted on top of each other. Eventually you have this cool layered effect that they often try to emulate with paint on the Home and Garden channel but to poor results. Authenticity is key.

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