Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama Art Opening

Tonight I went to an Obama art opening this evening. The guy who designed the Obama "Hope" posters that I keep seeing around Austin made a bunch of other political art that was on show tonight. It was rather exciting to be a part of it all, especially since two nights ago I also went to a Women for Obama fundraiser...Obama fever. I wish that I knew if there were other art shows--no matter what size--that favored one presidential candidate in the past. I can't think of one, however I never have looked into it before. Curious. Ideas? Dude in the red shirt is the dude. Wish I could remember his name.

I need to start going to more art openings. I used to go to many more when I felt that art history/galleries were more my calling. I had given that up for several months since I couldn't seem to get my foot in that door. But now, now I think I should start back.

~I found out his name. Ray Noland from Chicago.

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