Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hypothetical Band Is Happening!!

I'm so, so stoked! This Hypothetical Band is totally happening! Since thinking about it on Thursday afternoon, it has totally snow-balled into this huge production.

I've been emailing my 'inspiration' pictures all over the place and talking to talking about it and people interested in getting on the bandwagon! I've found a big bare room in which to stage the photos, a lady who does set design for film may help design and execute the set, found a place to actually have a show of the final product, people to help supply props and lighting stuff, and a musician to actually write some songs that go along with the whole project. I can't believe that it's just all kind of coming together on it's own, I don't really have to talk people into it.

I did some research on Funk band and 1850's men's fashion. These are what I found:

Oh, and slightly different musical genre but amazing photos none-the-less is here. It's this Garage Rock conossieur's website. Lots of cool band photos if anyone's searching for a new musical look. It's called the Pspot.

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