Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brainstorming the Photos

Met with Chrissy and our newly appointed set designer, Travis, this evening to brainstorm. I think we came up with some really good stuff. We're going to go for more of a themed photo shoot; stories and such. And we're going to return to the decrepit barn and the open field of the last shoot. We're going to go in the direction of the Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter shoot where they have a themed shoot "staged" in an open field but where you fully aware of the surrounding landscape that looks very mundane and wholly ordinary (contrasted with the whimsical shoot, does that make sense?).
We're going to have one rather stiff Victorian portrait photo. At the location there is this really cool fallen branch that I think we can place the "band" in and around and make it look interesting. The painting, Mr. & Ms. Andrews, by English artist, Thomas Gainsborough, sprang to mind.

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