Monday, January 19, 2009

More New Years Photos

Pre-festivities champagne. Getting in the mood with Kat...
Me & Conner at Primizie's New Years Party.Christina & me. We know how to dress for a good photo.Dance party in Christina's living room at 4am. Feet were kept dancing past bedtime care of beer stolen from Primizie's New Years Party...but no one was there, so we were just helping clean up really.Everyone's dancing shoes.Group photo...some people fared better than others.
The morning after. More like noon after. Some of us can roll with a hangover better than others (see evidence A. below). And off to a very fabulously gay brunch shindig at Christina's friend's house. I have never seen that many men running around in silk pajamas before, nor learned that much about sex. The food spread that was laid out at the party was incredible. They even made their own Foie Gras! Incredible.

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