Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gallery Space to Work With

So, the gallery space that we have to work with in order to hang the show is different than I imagined. It's still totally workable--just way, way smaller than I had originally envisioned. However, this will simply be a challenge and teach me to scope out future spaces before I commit to one.
When you first walk in the door and turn to your left this is what you see. Emily Mitchell is my lovely scale model.

Another photo of the first room.

This is the backside of the first room from the photographs above. We have this whole wall to deal with too. It faces the main performance area with the stage over to the right-hand side.
Stage area with long inner wall to the left. You can see a little of it in this photo.
So, essentially we don't have a whole lot of room at all the work with. We'll have to plan out our show well and economize a lot.

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