Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pop Princesses

I went to yet another sing-a-long at the Alamo last night. I inevitably end up drinking way too much at these things but that does seem to be the point--along with booty shaking in theaters, getting hoarse from singing, and seeing shenanigans up on stage. This time it was an ode to all the ladies of pop. I completely had my fill of Britney Spears, Love Is A Battlefield, Madonna, and a little "punk" from Avril and Katy Perry.

I never did see the music video for Straight Up by Paula Abdul but they played it last night and Kat and I both thought that it had some cool ideas for a photo shoot; a black and white split backdrop and the man with a cane, wind, and a long trench coat would all lend themselves well to fashion. The youtube video has the embedding bit disabled so just click on "Straight Up".

And then there was Beyonce. Her new song Sing Ladies (Put A Ring On It) has an amazing music video. It's really simple black and white and the costumes are real simple as well. However, it's all totally hot. The hairdos and the super tight choreography all hark back to Motown girl groups (with a bit more sex appeal). Just love it. ~ Oh my god! I was just looking around youtube and found this clip of the same-ish dance choreographed by Bob Fosse! Good lord. Fine. I still enjoy the Beyonce video despite the ripoff.

And then there's Crazy in Love. Also terribly hot.

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