Monday, September 20, 2010

The Imperchorstra Project

So we're almost five months into this music documentary project and we've made it all the way to upstate New York by way of Colorado and you know what, we have done absolutely jack-shit with this whole thing. It's so disappointing. We've lost Dan too; he moved in with his girlfriend and it's probably a good thing for everyone. He and I weren't exactly getting along very well...the enormity of the project mixed with the difficulty of living with a couple in a very small space would make anyone crazy, at least that's what I like to tell myself to feel better--for goodness sake, we got in a large argument over a spice rack. I mean, who the hell argues about a spice rack?! He also had some medical bills to pay and needed a steady job. So now it's Conner and I and we've run out of money. We're quickly making our way down to Chapel Hill, NC to stay with my folks, get jobs through the holidays, and figure out how we're going to pull this off. We're hanging out with a lot of art students in Alfred, NY and they keep telling me that projects never go the way you want; if it's easy then it's not really worth it in the end; projects only seem to really come together at the very end, otherwise it's a whole lotta mess during the interim. So I'm trying to keep that in mind and realize that's it's not over yet and the fat lady hasn't sung, etc, etc.
The plus is that we did get the one and only grant that I applied for! First one I ever wrote! Now we totally have to follow through with this for sure.

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