Friday, March 4, 2011

Girlie Magazines

I signed up for Design For Mankind's email blast a while ago and I absolutely love almost every single thing that she posts. Writer Erin Loechner has superb taste.

Anyhow, I was reading her blog and she talked about getting rid of all her magazine subscriptions and how good that felt. Since Conner and I have been in North Carolina and I began working at Barnes & Noble, I've used my employee discount quite a bit in order to stock up on all the girlie magazines that I've missed out on while we've been on the road with Imperchorstra. I have to say that I've become overly occupied with my wardrobe since flipping through all these gorgeous fashion spreads. I've spent way more than I care to disclose on beautiful clothes in the last several months. I've even made a "wardrobe map"--little sketches of each piece of clothing I own so I know exactly what matches, to help plan what to wear that day, and to make sure what new piece of luxurious cotton I buy is not something I already own.

I justify this by saying that when we leave to go back to Austin in one week, I just won't be able to get any new clothes on account of the fact that I won't be able to afford it. There will be the matter of rent, happy hour expenses, and school tuition. So yeah, I should stop reading girlie magazines too...they're just too tempting.

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