Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sailing Around The World

Conner and I are in Colorado for the summer, living near a 35 mile man-made lake that stretches down into New Mexico. Several friends of the family have sail boats and one couple in particular have taken us out several times now. They get up terribly early, to be on the water by 7:30am at the latest. There's usually a 9:30 bloody mary and celery with peanut butter break, and a dip in the lake when it gets too hot, but other than that, it's just sailing. And it's wonderfully calm and quite way to spend a morning.

We've now got in our heads that we want to sail around the world. Full blown, circumnavigation of the globe. A friend brought me a couple sailing magazines, and one issue was all about sailing in the South Pacific. I ended up ordering a book by one of the articles authors; Jimmy Cornell's A Passion For The Sea. This 60-something year old Hungarian man has sailed around the world 3 times now. It's wonderfully written; a mix between a memoir, a helpful hints pamphlet, and a travel guide.

And then I found this wonderful blog, World Tour Stories, written by a 29 year old Finnish photographer and her French musician boyfriend. They're young and talented and a couple that Conner and I could totally relate too. I've been pouring over their blog all day today, it's been a really slow day at work today. I wanted to share it with you all and make a note to self: don't flake out of this dream, it'd be challenging and fabulous. Photo via Taru and Alex's blog.

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