Wednesday, November 16, 2011

East Austin Art Tour

The East Austin Art Tour, or referred to as the EAST tour by locals, has been going on for six years now however, this past weekend was the first time I have ever attend myself. In the past I've had to work every weekend and missed it entirely but not this year. Along with SXSW, the EAST has got to be one of my favorite events in town--oh, and along with the city-wide Christmas caroling/tree lighting event at the Capitol and hosted by the public radio DJ John Ailey-a man who you either love or hate here in Austin.

So at the EAST tour I met two very cool ladies that I hope to meet up with again soon.

Lady #1-Denise Prince. Right after I worked on the multi-media project, Don't Bring Me Down: A Hypothetical Band, I found her work and loved it. On account of her theatrical and staged quality of her work, and how similar it was to DBMD, I had grand dreams of working with her in the future. And now what do you know, she and I talked at her gallery and she asked me to send her the link to DBMD, which I promptly delivered. (Smile!)
Lady #2-Sarah Wilson. Another photographer who takes rather staged-looking photos for magazines. I sure would like to be friends with her too. She created a photo, that I can't seem to find online, that was in Texas Monthly several years ago which was part of the HAMM Foundation's naked musicians calendar: Kinky Friedman sitting above an old-fashioned dunking booth with the bullseye right in front of his crotch, a cigar hanging from his lips, under a circus tent. Sarah said that she got the news that she had been assigned Kinky for the naked calendar and was distraught about having to shooting him naked. So she devised this dunking booth scenario so he wouldn't actually have to be naked and had to have the whole scene built...I thought that was pretty funny. She has done a series of photos on the annual prom thrown by Austin's School Of The Deaf. The one below is from that collection.
EAST will also be going on next weekend and you should totally go if you're in central Austin-it's great!

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