Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Glow: artsy mom's at home

Maybe it's my age-yep, let's just go ahead and understand that it's my age- but I'm starting to completely reconsider my "no kids" policy.  I always thought I'd be the cool aunt that took friend's kids on fabulous adventures for the summer and then promptly returned then before school started; I would be able to be an integral part in the child's life, give their parents a break, and fulfill any of my own desires to have children.  It seem to be a fact of life, that the absolute best birth control is hanging out with other people's kids; you realize that bag of tricks is way less glamorous than it appears to be on the surface.

But something's changing...

And then I see this blog, The Glow, of totally cool artsy women with fabulous careers who are also totally awesome moms...and it makes me think "maybe, just maybe that bag of tricks is indeed for me."
Lauren Moffatt, designer, with daughter Stella

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