Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sailing Possibilities

Conner and I just met with a lovely gentleman about the possibility of helping him sail his boat back to Texas from Panama, where it is now.  Holy Cow.  We just got back from our very long road trip and have just recently gotten back on our feet, and now we might be taking off for a month to go sailing.
 Bateaux quittant le port du Havre by Gustave Le Gray via The Year in Pictures

Now that I'm almost 30, I entertain the idea of putting down roots, buying a house, and pursuing a proper career; and I try, but then an opportunity will come along and I will immediately drop every root planting effort to travel.  I love to travel.  In fact, if I could get hired on as a travel writer for some publication (and actually be good at the art of travel writing) then I would probably think I'd died and gone to heaven. 

Conner and I are a very balanced couple-at least I think so.  I am willing to take large leaps of faith in the name of adventure and hope that it all works out in the end; a modus operandi that has not done me wrong yet (well, that's more or less true).  Conner is adventurous as well, but he will weigh all the options before taking the plunge.  So now, I'm championing the sailing route and Conner's figuring out where we'll put of belongings while we're gone, if we can afford it, and it's generally a smart thing to go sailing, or to continue on with our Austin, Texas root-building.
Some adventurous reading material:
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  3. Passion For The Sea by Jimmy Cornell

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