Monday, March 12, 2012


One of the best festivals that Austin has to offer is of course, the city-wide continuous party that is South By Southwest.  I missed it last year and this time around I was hoping to do it up right-friends and family coming into town and I was going to take time off of work to devote myself fully to the craziness that SXSW.  However, now I have a new job and was too shy to ask off work right after I started a couple weeks ago, so I'll just be going after work cramming as much in around my 8-to-5 as possible. 

Side note: Did anyone hear about the SXSW mini-riot last year?  I totally missed this until a couple days ago when KUT was talking about the "heightened security measures" on account of this at a Death From Above show.
 Photo via the NuNomad Blog (17 places to not miss in Austin), by Visualist Images

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