Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Highway Man

When I found out at 14 yrs old that Loreena McKennitt had voice lessons I was sorely disappointed. I expected her to have a voice like the angels because she was blessed in her bassinet by the fairy godmother's of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The fact that she had to work really diligently to sound like that, well, it was devastating.
I suppose it was the same when I found out that Elvis didn't write his own songs. Or when I realized that Truman Capote wrote In Cold Blood based on a true story. What?! They didn't come up with any of that shit on their own? Like I said, devastating.

While I have since gotten over all of the above, I still really like Loreena McKennitt and Elvis, but I simply cannot seem to forgive Truman.

I love this song! Highway Man sung by Loreena. Didn't Anne Of Green Gables recite this poem in one of her movies?

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