Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jewelry Ideas

Hailing from Australia, Ed Janssen, makes really cool and subversive jewelry. We're talking bear traps, silver knuckles, and sacred hearts. I'm trying to get some ideas for my class.

I've finally bitten the bullet and am taking a jewelry metal class at the local community college. It's funny to me because I've always worked with fabric and I know how it work with it. If I mess up I know how to fix it relatively easily. But with metal, I'm not that comfortable with it yet. I'll work for two hours and then when I mess it all up, I'm like 'Shit! That was like 2 hours and $20!" Totally different ballgame.

I went to get my materials for class the other day. I couldn't find the building because it was actually in this place that looked totally derelict. You walk in this little entry way and then they have to buzz you in. They have all this gold, platinum, and diamonds so hence being totally under the radar. I got a file, a handle (they even come together!), digital callipers, and a 6"x 6" sheet of nickel silver (the cheapest kind!). A total of three things. It was $90!

I feel like this is my father coming out in me, picking the most expensive class possible at ACC.

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