Monday, January 28, 2008

Nicola de Main

I used to have this blog on But then I was thinking that maybe Xanga wouldn't be around much longer since almost every other blog I see is uses this sever. So I have joined the Blogger bandwagon and switched on over. Now I'm trying to salvage some of my favorite posts from the morgue of the blog-o-sphere and revive them with the touch of my index finger (a la Pushing Daisies on ABC).

This is one of my favorite new designers that I didn't want to lose track of, Nicola de Main. She hasn't produced many collections, maybe four in all, but her Spring/Summer '07 rocks. I really love the colors she uses, simplistically vibrant. She usually uses one really dynamic color next to a neutral. And even in entirely neutral ensembles the colors are subtle yet strikingly variant. That's how I want to dress. In fact, I just want this whole collection. Gorgeous. And the model is beautiful. She's got that vintage Hollywood Starlet thing going on.

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