Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tim Hawkinson

Tim Hawkinson is having a new show over at the Getty. Oh how I wished I lived in LA so I could swing by and see this new exhibition. It's called Zoopsia, which apparently is the word for the visual hallucinations of animals. There are a total of four new pieces that were commissioned specifically for the show along with the well-known Uberorgan, first shown in 2000.

Quick rundown on the organ. 12 nylon long intestine-like balloons that act like bagpipes that are played by a piano console. The piano is controlled by a 250-foot long strip of mylar with lots of dots--like a little jewelry box instrument. Word on the street is that this thing is awesome but alas, I have never seen it.

And then there are such works as the one above that is created entirely from pictures of Hawkinson's arms, hands, and lips. Looks pretty cool to me.

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