Saturday, February 2, 2008

Places I Want to Work 2

I read Barbara Bestor's book, Bohemian Modern, this past year and I think it helped solidify the fact that I wanted to go back to school and study architecture. It recounts a lot of her own work and people she knows in Silverlake, a suburb of LA. Silverlake has a long history of creative eclecticism, with residents such as Richard Neutra, Tom Waits, Walt Disney, Elliot Smith, and Leon Trotsky.

I like how she fuses interior and exterior design. As is characteristic of California architecture, she is very concerned with indoor and outdoor space, and how to marry the two in a way that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. I dig it.

As part of architecture school, we're given the option of doing a residency at any firm her in America or abroad. Bestor and FAT are two of my favorite options so far.

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