Saturday, February 2, 2008

Places I Want to Work 1

Some gents, recently graduated from architecture school, created their own firm named Fashion, Architecture, Taste or FAT::Architecture.
FAT is meant to be inclusive. 'Fashion' because we're ephemeral, transitory, and ever changing. 'Taste' because we question whose taste is good taste and who decides. 'Fashion' and 'taste' are our positive acknowledgements that architecture is never timeless.~Griffiths in March 2007 issue of I.D. magazine.
They do some crazy and non-traditional stuff. The above pictures are of a redesigned restaurant in London called Meals, located in the flagship Heal's department store. I want to take Mom there when I visit in March. They also redesigned KesselsKramer, an ad agency in Amsterdam. It's in an old church! I totally want to live in an old church. There's a video tour on their website.

And then I think there's my personal favorite...

'You Make Me Feel Mighty Real', Summerhouse, Belsay Hall, Northumberland, 2000

This summer house, built originally for English Heritage at Belsay Hall, Northumberland, now resides at Grisedale Forest in the Lake District. The design is based on a Romanesque church. It is clad in thousands of metal discs which create a pixelated pattern depicting overscaled Romanesque decoration. The discs move and catch the light in the wind creating a magical effect of rippling light. Inside are two seats from which to contemplate the forest which is visible from the window.
(off website)

"FAT's output goes beyond their realised projects to debate and ponder the nature of the discipline, contributing to an on going discussion that feeds back into the studio, and keeping them at the relevant end of a radicalised practice."~KultureFlash

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