Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Euro Flapper

From Style Bytes.

"One possibility is the more casual look, but it is a little outdoorsy. The lipstick is of course Chanel."

bell hat lipstick fur collar

"There´s the feather boa. And the turban. The turban might not be a staple for the 20´s, but as far as I know it was worn. I attached a rhinestone brooch that of course can be removed."

fur boa turban

"Then there´s the more flapper inspired looks with feathers in the hair. The tiered dress will have to replace the fringes. The biggest problem here is the bangs. The wing hair clip is from Menagerie Design, I just put it into a headband."

feather hair piece flapper

"The little details like the seamed stockings. And pearls."

pearls perfume

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