Saturday, August 30, 2008

MJ Turns 50

Michael Jackson finally turned 50 yesterday. Three pop greats have attained that distinguished age this past year--MJ, Madonna, and Prince. And to celebrate the Alamo Drafthouse has presented three sing-a-longs. I've been to the 90's Sing-a-long already and the MJ event was awesome as well; like I said, seriously the most fun I've had at a theater in quite some time. Found a new MJ song that I totally dig...never heard it before and I've already learned the words.

On the YouTube message board for this song there are all these comments about "Oh! He was so hot before." Uh...I don't get that. Don't get that at all. There are still remnents of original Michael in there, but there is enough of the new MJ that's totally unsexy. Too effiminent for this case because when you get say, Robert Plant up there, you still have the effiminent vibe but it's more seductive to me. But then I am a loyal Led Zeppelin fan, already paid the life-time membership fee.

The bolero? The hand gesture?

Which brings me to the various looks of the "sexy stud who sings deep into my heart and leaves me wanting more". I'm currently working on this Chris Isaak style project and I've begun to really notice how musicians dress. Musical dress in Austin is lacking. A lot of the bands around town are more or less college-style buddy bands in which the emphasis is on the music. However, I think the success of a band is A) the networking ability of the members, B) the music, C) the overall style of the band.
I need to do a post that shows all my favorite band styles. But that will have to wait until later.

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