Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adam & the Ants~Band Style prt 1

Somewhat recently I discovered Adam Ant, lead singer of the English New Wave band, Adam and the Ants. They had several hits song in England during the 80's and was once voted Sexiest Man in America by MTV viewers. Adam and the Ants were highly theatrical and viewed the music/image as one and the same. I think that the music itself it a bit shit but I do love their style and the directions in which they take their music videos. They seem to have a monopoly on the swashbuckling glam genre. It should come as no surprise that he went on to become an actor.

I would like to preface what I am about to write by saying that I am not a musician. I sew. I dance. But I do nothing more musical than sing-a-longs.

That said, when you get up on stage, you take on a persona that's different from your everyday behavior. I think it's most clearly stated by the scientific community: the act of observation alters the observed state. There is also going to be an image precedence already set. Crooners look more polished. Metal brings out the metal against a black background. Americana calls for jeans and a buttondown (perferably plaid) shirt. Indie music requires fitted jeans and a cheeky t-shirt. Bottom line is that I don't think there is any perfectly natural state of affairs when it comes to being a performer, that it's all calculated to some degree. And if this is true then I don't see why there should be more effort and originality when it comes to band dressing.

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