Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Got Inked!

Last week I went with Kat to get her tattoo done, this week was my turn. When we were in True Blue for her, I talked to this girl, Rachel, about drawing mine out. I wanted a dandelion puffball but done in this 1970's graphic illustration style. The trend was to bring modern art into illustration and even now it's considered the golden age of illustration. I had this book, The Sword and the Stone, whose cover was drawn by Alan E. Cober (love him). So I scanned it in and sent it on to Rachel.

Pre-event Peanuts

Where the deed is done.

My lady Rachel. For some reason I feel that is totally fitting that we both have the same name.

I have to say that it's much easier to deal with the pain when I looked at what she was doing. I could focus on the lines of the design and her technique, and less on the sensation of the tattoo. The tattoo itself felt like a bee sting being scraped over my skin--kind of burning, kind of pinching my nerves.
Rachel said that near the heel of my hand where the stem is would hurt the most. I completely disagree. I don't know if it was towards the end and the nerves in my arm were just not having it anymore, but where the seeds are flying away further up my arm hurt the most. When I get nervous, upset, in pain (ie. anything rather unpleasant) I always get a smile plastered on my face; it just happens. This was my moment of 'oh damn woman! finish already!'
Ha! Poor Kat. I squeezed all the blood out of both of our fingers.

I really, really like it. I can't stop looking at it. I was so nervous that it wouldn't be what I wanted but that I would be stuck with it in a really obvious place and of course, how much it would hurt. I am also kind of shocked that I actually went through with it. I have been thinking about getting this specific tattoo in this specific place for quite some time now. However, if Kat had not been the instigator of this whole thing, my tattoo would still just be something I wanted to do...just later on in the future.


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Thanks! Looks better now that it's healed.