Thursday, October 2, 2008

ACL 2009

Lately this has turned into more of a "This Is My Life" kind of blog. I think it's because I finally don't feel so silly whipping out my camera to photograph bits of my life in Austin. So here's another installment.

My friends Margot(L), Kat(R), and I went to a party last Saturday night at Polly Parson's house (daughter of singer Gram Parsons). They bused us out to their ranch outside of town and had music, booze, and a pool--where we are here. Polly's husband is some sort of artist--I'm not sure what sort of artist, but I do know he had the best studio I have ever seen. The walls were painted a warm red color, the floor was stained concert, and he had books all along the top of the wall. It was like a museum. He collects all this antique stuff--radios, microphones, cuff links, magnifying glasses, suits, etc. It was heaven and I was totally jealous he doesn't have to be artsy on the floor of his living room like some of us who are less well off.

As the night and the booze wore on, the situation became increasing dire.

And this was work the following morning. Life is a little bit harsh with a hangover and getting mauled by a plasticine bunny. (Cynthia(L) and Sarah(R), fellow autograph signing security members over at the dear old 'Loo).

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