Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've had this gift certificate to a spa downtown for about a year now and never used it. However, last night I finally did. I've never really been pampered before. It was a little awkward at first to have someone focusing on my feet while I tried to be absorbed in my book. I felt like I should have engaged her in conversation, but she looked bored as it was and well, my Rolling Stones book was interesting as hell.

After a pedicure I went into the next room and got a massage. Oh good sweet, sweet lord. It was the best thing ever! And once I become the young professional that I aspire to be then I will make this a monthly occurrence. At the beginning I was thinking, 'oh, dear. i really need to email that girl about that fabric. ah shit. and that guy. what to do about him? and geez, i forgot to take the trash out, our neighbors will hate us.' But by the end my thoughts ran more along the lines of, ''s cool.....i Love Everyone!' All the little things that I was all stressed out about didn't matter anymore. All the silly people whom I go out of my way to stay on good terms with...should just let it go. Ah I felt great.

Everyone should get taken care of like that everyone once in a while. I'm just saying.

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