Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If I Got a New Tattoo

When I was growing up The Point was one of my 'videos' I got to watch when I visited my dad. When I got older I would ask my friends if they had ever seen the film but most people had never heard of it. This seemed strange to me because it is animated just like Yellow Submarine and is narrated by Ringo Starr--I thought these two points would cause The Point to live on forever in the psyche of a Beatle fan. Not until two years ago (?) when the film was re-released did I find it again! And then to find that Harry Nilson wrote the story and the music? It was heaven!

Here's the booklet from the CD I found at the UT library. I totally love the illustration style of the comic. I figure that IF I ever got another tattoo then I would have to have the image be in the style of another awesome graphic illustrator, and I think I have found a winner in these drawings below. Trick is finding a symbol I like. And also a special occasion, a reason, a place, etc, etc.

A sample from the film...really the soundtrack that Nilsson wrote is awesome. I think this is my favorite song right now. (ah! there was even a play of The Point in London starring two guys from The Monkees)

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