Monday, December 1, 2008

Home For Thanksgiving

I'm home for Thanksgiving. Before I arrived I had every intention of staying up on our family's mountain and vegetating. And so far I have succeeded. I'm sure I still know people here in town but I really wanted to disappear for a while and not feel obligated to anything or anyone. That's the good thing about living close to one's family--the ability to run away when you need to recuperate. I wish I had some sort of haven in Austin.

When I get back to Texas in two days I have grand plans to clean out my room, make serious "to-do" lists, work on my grad-school application, and get in shape. Maybe the UT library can become my safe haven. My cousin Wayne has promised he will be my personal trainer starting in January. If Kat and I are to really go on this biking trip through Europe then I would at least like to be slightly prepared...just slightly. And as far as the portfolio goes. My friend, Christina posted some photos from the fashion shoot we did a little while ago. You should check them all out on her site...but here are a couple to tantalize. All my ladies are so lovely!

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