Friday, February 6, 2009

Deluge of Fashion Ideas

My dad is a rather passionate fan of old horror films such as Creature From The Black Lagoon and It Came From Beyond. The man has watched them so many times that he can describe exactly what is pictured on the screen without looking, just by the dialogue. I think it might be fun to recreate or use the old horror stills as basis for a fashion shoot. It would be a slight homage to my dad.

Dude, how fun! We could infiltrate the McDonald's kid's playland!

As an accessory addition to a future photoshoot, add felt hairdos. But keep them flat and

The photo above kind of reminds me of an Edward Weston photograph.

How terribly over the top. Epitome of 1970's decadence. I would love to play with this and make it slightly cheeky.
Possible idea for a backdrop.

I like these colors and the brightly lit foreground effect.

Make-up idea

Hair idea.


The Visual Artisan said...

I live the horror film still idea! When do we get to do that?...

saffronflrs said...

Really? I think we should totally do it soon-ish. Post-summer? Where would we get the monster costumes? We need to become buddies with professors in the theater/film department on campus.