Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh My Good Lord! Band Photo Shoot!

We had the photoshoot for our Hypothetical Band Project yesterday and I'm totally stoked with how it turned out!!!

All the "band members"/models, hair, make-up, wardrobe, and film people met up at Corey's house (the hair maven) at 8am and began getting ready. I've never been in theater or anything and so, I've never been a part of the behind the scenes bustle. Each room seemed to be dedicated to a specific department and people would rotate rooms all with constant glasses of mimosas. Christina and I had gotten a case of shitty Andre champagne for the occaision. (Note to everyone: a case of Andre only costs $38...for alchol in a pinch).

We all trickled down to the photo shoot site where Christina and some other production people were already setting up. The wind was a bit much and in order to get the 10'x12' theater set to stay up they had to put several stakes down and tether it to a car. Apparently the whole thing fell at one point and broke a bit, but they were able to fix it and make it work.

We were there until 4pm, shooting, goofing around, drinking lots of champagne, and getting sunburnt. It was awesome! So much fun and the pictures turned out just, just beautiful. Christina is working on the rest of them. I totally wish her the best because while my work is mostly done, hers has only just begun.

Photo above: Alaina. First of the individual "band member" shots.

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