Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's All Done!

Oh my dear. Don't Bring Me Down is all done!

We got into the venue space a little later than we had anticipated (we were thinking 9ish, we made it there 12ish). Erin worked on the front space, putting up the cardboard tree, and all of the production stills. On the inside Dan, Mom, Chrissy, and I worked on putting up the staged photos. It looked really good!

We had been running around or setting up pretty much all day and by the time we were all done and ready for the show to begin, I was beat. We were having an afterparty as well and I just needed to go take a shower and sit on my ass for a minute to relax. However, we didn't even leave the Art Authority until around 7:30 and the show started at 8. So there wasn't much down time.

When Mom and I got back to the Art Authority there were a couple people milling about. People really started arriving by 8:30ish. There ended up being a lot of people! I didn't count and wouldn't even know how to guess a good number. But it felt like a lot and there were a lot of people that I had never seen before. Mom said she talked to a couple who found out about it on Glasstire and just came because it looked interesting. Yay! I just kept flitting around trying to talk to everyone--but I don't think I was terribly successful in talking to everyone. So sorry if I missed you!

Chrissy and I had to give a speech before we began the entertainment. I was so nervous. Ugh, I wish I was more comfortable speaking in front of a group. Chrissy hates it too, but she worked in radio in San Francisco and has a much smoother and confident voice. People were really sweet and got me a couple shots before I went up on stage. I don't think it had enough time to sooth my nerves and I meant to special thanks a couple people and I totally spaced out. I was just thinking, "just say something and get off! quick! do it quick!" After we got off, we played the films, then Hailey and the Finns played, and the Crooks played.

People are already talking about how we need to keep the momentum going and doing another multi-media project in another couple months--especially Chrissy : ) I'm all for it except I need to sit on my butt again for a week or so, in order to get my mojo all up and running again.

So, the project and the opening were really successful! Chrissy is working on getting a website up for the whole thing. I'll post about it when it's all said and done.

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