Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SXSW 2009

I had this grand plan to take the whole music part of SXSW off and just do it up right--see as many free day shows with free drinks as possible and chill out at night. However, I ended up having to work the whole time and didn't get to see quite as much as I originally thought. But it was cool because I did get to see King Kahn (who all wore necklaces of donkey teeth), this Southern Siberian throat singing band (picture below), and my new musical performing hero, Janelle Monae. And I got to hang out with my beau a lot which was fun...we tried to make paper hot air balloons which didn't work out so well--need little paper and a bigger candle. We were getting down at the Monae show while most of the other people weren't and we were filmed! And I got photographed for my Thursday South By outfit--hahaha, I felt like I gained mad hipster points for that! haha...not really, because I did know the girl doing the photographing.
Me & Margot in Mike Harrell's glasses. King Kahn show at Birds Barbershop.

Siberian throat singing group

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