Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ceramic/Silk-sewing #1

I've been slowly working on this dress for the last week. I spent 5 hours on the bus just to get up to the big fabric store for this. Ugh. Sometimes I do terribly miss my car--especially when I need to do grocery shopping, laundry, or go to any of the big chain stores outside of town (like Joann's Fabrics). Took 2 hours up and 2 back and then I got on the wrong bus for 1 hour. But, it was a rainy day and I had a good turn-of-the-century murder mystery book so it wasn't unbearable.Kat's going to make a big art necklace out of clay that will kind of wrap around the model's head a bit. It's hard to explain but I'm envisioning a nod towards this.

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