Sunday, April 5, 2009


My favorite horoscope writing man is Rob Brezney. I must confess that I am a big fan of horoscopes and when I'm anxious I turn to them more often than not. Even if the horoscope is dismal for that week they tend to leave off with a sunnier "stick it out till next week and all your hard work will pay off"-or something like that. What I like about Brezney is that he gives you some random story at the beginning and then will explain how it relates back to you only in the last sentence.; like the one from this week for Sagittarians:
"Some Japanese employees receive three days of "heartache leave" per year from the companies they work for. During those times they can recover from sad experiences or romantic reversals. If it were up to me, every company in every country in the world would annually provide workers with the opposite kind of holiday: ten days of "heart-soaring leave." These would be times devoted to cultivating blessed breakthroughs or celebrating great happiness. If there were such a system in place already, Sagittarius, I bet you'd use some of those heart-soaring days in the coming weeks."
How can one not be optimistic after reading this?

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