Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dissolving Atoms & Molecules

It's been so slow at work today on account of the rain, and thus I have had ample time to watch TED tv online. Technology, Entertainment, Design is an annual conference that takes place in Long Beach where 5o people each year give an 18 minute talk of their choosing. Kat introduced me to the site and reccomended I watch this one first. Jill Bolte Taylor, brain researcher, talked about her own stroke that occured 15 years (?) ago. Actually really, really interesting in my opinion.

Right brain=all about the "right here, right now". Thinks and feels in images. Cyclical. Community oriented.
Left brain=linear think. Concerned with past and future. Connects current details and moments to future/past moments. Individually oriented.
What she says is eerily reminiscent of eastern religious rhetoric.

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