Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going on a bike trip

Many Americans were surprised in 2005 when Lonely Planet guidebook selected Croatia as the world's number one dream vacation site. To geographically and historically challenged Americans, Croatia was a war zone, some far off Eastern European country.Which is a shame, because Croatia is an amazingly beautiful, sophisticated and cheap destination? There are more than a 1,000 miles of spectacular, rocky shoreline dotted with beaches, red tile roof fishing villages, towering mountains and imposing fortresses. It is like the French or Italian Riviera in the 1960s -- one of those rare places that actually lives up to its tourist office billing - "the Mediterranean as it used to be."It is one of six new countries that came from what was formerly called Yugoslavia. The war has been over since 1995 and peace and tourism are flourishing.Hvar bills itself as the greenest and sunniest of all Croatian islands. It's certainly one of the most beautiful with high mountains falling down to the shore.

Picture above:Melissani Lake - Kefalonia Island
I went to Bookpeople after spending all day doing research for our trip. They don't have any books on several of the countries that Kat and I are going! There must be travel books for these countries in print somewhere, but they certainly don't have them at Bookpeople. They have Italy, Greece, and a little of Croatia covered. They don't have any information on Slovenia, Montenegro, or Albania anywhere! I couldn't believe it. On the upside though, maybe that just means that there aren't very many tourists and things will be much cheaper...

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